KIU has established various forms of partnerships with 284 Universities, 28 international organizations, 45 enterprises in 54 countries in the world. The partnerships ranges from Monitoring and evaluation, exchange of students and staff, study programs, research laboratories, libraries, research publications, professional internships, seminars, conferences etc. KIU has established into various forms of partnerships with the following universities which involves student exchange facilities and other international universities in which KIU shares a curriculum development and research partnership. KIU has partnerships with some Universities in the following countries; USA, UK, Finland, Cameroon, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, China, Ghana, South Africa, Thailand, Guyana, Malta, Germany, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Panama, Georgia, Norway, Grenadian Island, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, Chad, Central Africa, Morocco, UAE, etc. We intend to continue creating such partnerships as from 2017 and we're working with more schools in the US, Europe, UK, Asia, Canada, China, Africa and a host of other countries. This will give our students the opportunity of enjoying a global educational experience. Worthy of note is equally our ongoing process to create an internal partnership with the partner universities and organizations worldwide, for more quality assurance and training.


An individual, preferably a retired expert with experience in running an educational institution is an ideal candidate who can double up as our agent. He should have demonstrated experience in counseling students and forwarding them to university. The incumbent is expected to be a go-getter with sound financial background.

Agent Enquiry Solicited

KIU America invites agents from various nations to build a long-lasting relationship and with relevant educational experience who can translate the application to student clearly.

Requirements to become an Agent:
  • Experience in running an educational institution.
  • Experience in counseling students for admission in Universities
  • Should have sound financial background
  • Should support KIU America throughout the process
  • Should be qualified (minimum bachelors graduate)

Agent Responsibilities Includes:
  • Identifying prospective students
  • Coordination with students on behalf of the university
  • Sharing market information with the university

Our Responsibilities

In correlation to the student enquiries, KIU shall support the agents by providing attractive monetary benefits along with other emoluments, thereby granting the Ambassador position of the University. In order to maintain the records, separate portals will be provided and several training sections will be conducted to demonstrate the salient features of each program offered by the university.