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Course Overview

The MBA in Tourism and Hotel Management provides a good understanding of the concept and structure of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The subject areas are designed to give a body of skill and knowledge by integrating critical strategies and techniques with the principles of tourism and hospitality management.
The MBA program is designed to develop student’s ability to apply business and leadership strategies to tourism and hospitality industry specific situations. It will prepare students with specific competencies for the tourism and hospitality business in a practice oriented and holistic approach, taking into consideration the fact that the prosperous tourism sector is recruiting more and more managers, who are dynamic and hard working in the field.

The program offers career opportunities as Hotel and Resort Managers, Assistant Managers, Human Resource Manager, General Managers, Food and Beverage Director, Conference Planner, Convention Planners, Special Event Planners, Front Office Managers, Travel Agents and Group Travel Facilitators.. Download Course Catalog.

Program Structure:

Course Code First Semester Courses Credit
MB 101 Principles and Practice of Management 5
MB 102 Organizational Behavior 5
MB 103 Quantitative Techniques for Management 5
MB 104 Managerial Economics 5
MB 105 Management Accounting 5
MB 106 Marketing Management 5
MB 105 Management Accounting 5
Course Code Second Semester Courses Credits
MB 201 Business Environment 5
MB 202 Computer Applications in Management 5
MB 203 Human Resource Management 5
MB 204 Financial Management 5
MB 205 Operation and Production Management 5
MB 206 Research Methods in Management 5
Course Code Third Semester Courses Credit
MB 301 Business Policy and Strategic Management 5
MB 302 Introduction to Tourism 5
MB 303 Airlines Management 5
MB 304 Management of Travel Agency
and Tour Management.
MB 305 Legal and Regulatory Framework
of Tourism
MB 306 Information Technology for Management 5
Course Code Fourth Semester Courses Credit
MB 401 Business Ethics and Ethos 5
MB 402 Project Management 5
MB 403 Business Law 5
MB 404 Strategic Management 5
MB 405 Public Systems Management 5
MB 406 Master Thesis 5


Career Opportunities

International tourism management is a broad field encompassing a variety of career options. The most promising salaries require an advanced degree, while it’s possible to enter the industry with only a high school diploma. Below is a summary of six different career options.
Travel Clerks
Travel clerks may work in call centers or in an airport or tourist center. They answer telephone
calls and e-mails from clients and talk to clients in person, making and confirming travel
reservations and selling tickets. They provide clients with travel information including local
points of interest, restaurants and hotel rates. This is generally considered an entry-level
position for those who want to work as international tourism managers.

Tour Guides
Tour guides lead clients on educational or sight-seeing activities at a variety of tourist attractions. They describe points of interest and answer questions from tourists. Guides and escorts monitor their clients to insure they comply with the attraction’s rules and safety regulations.
Tour guides are responsible for the physical safety of their clients and must make accommodations for those with disabilities. In some cases, tour guides are experts on the local wildlife and habitats and provide up-to-date information on fishing and hunting regulations.
Travel Agents
Travel agents help their clients sift through vast amounts of travel information. They make reservations for their clients’ travel, accommodations and recreational activities. Travel agents must have a great deal of knowledge about the destinations they suggest, from the typical weather to local attractions.
International travel agents help their clients plan for obtaining the passports, vaccinations and other arrangements needed for travel between nations. They must be aware of information that changes frequently, such as travel advisories and currency exchange rates.
Travel Guides
Travel guides arrange and sell tour packages and itineraries. They’re responsible for booking transportation, lodging and tours and keeping careful track of bills and recording payments made.
Travel guides are supervisors who must manage a team of tourism workers including hotel and food service workers, tour guides and escorts, travel clerks and agents. They also need specialized knowledge in sales and marketing, geography, transportation and accounting.
Lodging Managers
Lodging managers ensure that a hotel, inn, bed and breakfast establishment, camp ground, youth hostel or other place of lodging is run effectively and profitably. They provide their clients with a safe and comfortable place to rest, entertainment, good food and a friendly, knowledgeable service staff. The general manager of a hotel or other place of lodging is responsible for a great number of operations, and often has a number of assistant managers.
Tourism Marketing Managers
Tourism marketing managers work with a team of advertisers to promote the products and services of a travel or tourism agency. They estimate the demand for the company’s services, identify new markets, develop pricing strategies and watch for tourism trends the company can incorporate.


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