Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Management


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Course Overview

A degree program in engineering management will teach you the basic business skills needed to work in a management position, while focusing on the engineering aspect of the career. Some of the subject you may encounter while studying is finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, contracts, decision-making, accounting, and quality control. You may also find that you study various forms of management styles and other related topics. Coursework can include: Download Course Catalog.

  • Innovation management
  • Operations management
  • Communication
  • Human resource skillst
  • Product development
  • Engineering law
  • Environmental management

Program Structure:

Course Code First Semester Courses Credit
SYSM 801 Principles and Practice of Management 5
SYSM 802 Statistics for Engineers 5
SYSM 803 System Analysis and Design 5
SYSM 804 System Development Techniques 5
SYSM 805 Production Management 5
SYSM 806 Information Security 5
Course Code Second Semester Courses Credit
SYSM 811 Business Process ReEngineering 5
SYSM 812 Data Communication and Networking 5
SYSM 813 Organization Theory 5
SYSM 814 Managerial Economics for Engineers 5
SYSM 815 Design and Analysis Algorithms 5
SYSM 816 Organizational Change and Intervention Strategies 5
Course Code Third Semester Courses Credit
SYSM 821 Introduction to Management 5
SYSM 822 Network Security 5
SYSM 823 Safety Management 5
SYSM 824 Software Engineering 5
SYSM 825 Manufacturing Strategy 5
SYSM 826 System Safety Analysis 5
Course Code Fourth Semester Courses Credit
SYSM 831 Industrial Marketing 4
SYSM 832 Financial Management for Engineers 4
SYSM 833 Lean Operation 4
SYSM 834 Total Quality Management 4
SYSM 835 Computer Systems Architecture 4
ENT 836 Entrepreneurship 5
SYSM 837 Master Thesis 5


Career Opportunities

A master’s degree in engineering management can prepare you to work as an engineering manager, where you may supervise other engineers and employees, direct production, and participate in product research and design. Degrees can specialize in many different kinds of engineering, with mechanical, civil, robotics, electrical, and industrial engineering being only a small list of potential concentrations. Specific duties will vary based on which industry you have an administrative role in, as well.


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