Master of Science in Marketing


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Course Overview

Our MSc in Marketing will give you a theoretical understanding of consumer behaviour, marketing research methods and marketing management, as well as the competence and creativity to apply this knowledge in real-life marketing situations. The programme will also provide you with ample opportunity to build key management skills such as communication and independent action, through group work and individual presentations. The MSc incorporates current and emerging trends in marketing theory and practice to give you the research-led knowledge and skills that are required by companies and employers. Download Course Catalog.

Program Structure:

Course Code First Semester Courses Credit
MKT 801 Global Marketing 5
MKT 802 Consumer Research 5
MKT 803 Marketing Communications 5
MKT 804 Marketing Strategies 5
MKT 805 Digital Marketing Strategies 5
MKT 806 Sustainability Marketing 5
Course Code Second Semester Courses Credit
MKT 811 Advanced Marketing Metrics 5
MKT 812 Managing and Marketing Sports 5
MKT 813 Next Generation Management 5
MKT 814 Marketing and Society 5
MKT 815 Advanced Advertising Theory 5
MKT 816 Marketing to Business and Organizations 5
Course Code Third Semester Courses Credit
MKT 821 Strategic Brand Management 5
MKT 822 E-Marketing 5
MKT 823 International Marketing Across Cultures 5
MKT 824 Marketing Research 5
MKT 825 Financial Management for International Business 5
MKT 826 Project Management 5
Course Code Fourth Semester Courses Credit
MKT 831 Consumer Behavior 4
MKT 832 Marketing Management 4
MKT 833 Product and Innovation Management 4
MKT 834 Services Marketing 4
MKT 835 Retail Marketing 4
ENT 836 Entrepreneurship 5
MKT 837 Master Thesis 5


Career Opportunities

Our MSc will prepare you for a wide range of business and agency positions across marketing, branding, digital strategy and public relations. Our graduates typically take up roles as varied as marketing manager, advertising director, brand manager, communications coordinator and marketing data analyst. Our Student Development Team can advise on careers. The MSc programme is highly regarded by leading employers who regularly seek to recruit our graduates.


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