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Course Overview

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Political Science seeks to acquaint a student with the State and teaches about his/her role in it. The programme provides students of a variety of goals and backgrounds with a rigorous and flexible course of study, an accessible faculty with diverse interests and experiences, and excellent facilities for research and study. The programme too seeks to instill a lifelong commitment to learning, to advance diversity and human understanding, and empower students to meet their responsibilities as citizens, leaders, and professional political analysts in a democratic society and interdependent world. Students are trained in the theories and methodologies needed to evaluate and conduct research that is fundamental, theoretical, and applied. Download Course Catalog.

Program Structure:

Course Code First Semester Courses Credit
MPS 501 Government and Politics 5
MPS 502 Globalization and its impact on the political system 5
MPS 503 Democracy 5
MPS 504 Local Self Government 5
MPS 505 Political Ideologies 5
MPS 506 Federalization 5
Course Code Second Semester Courses Credit
MPS 511 Political Theory 5
MPS 512 Political Sociology 5
MPS 513 Public Administration 5
MPS 514 Theory of International Relationship 5
MPS 515 Comparative Politics 5
MPS 516 Issues in Human Rights 5
Course Code Third Semester Courses Credit
MPS 601 Leadership 5
MPS 602 Foreign Policy 5
MPS 603 Government and Politics 5
MPS 604 Development Administration 5
MPS 605 Research Methodology 5
MPS 606 Foreign Policy of Major Powers 5
Course Code Fourth Semester Courses Credit
MPS 611 Advanced Political Theory 5
MPS 612 Social and Political Movements 5
MPS 613 Dissertation 5
MPS 614 Presentation and Viva-Voce 5
MPS 615 Master Thesis 10


Career Opportunities

  • Career Options. Career
  • Government and Advocacy Jobs
  • Law Careers.
  • Lobbyist Professions
  • Business Fields.
  • Journalism Occupations
  • Teaching Positions.


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