Who Can Study At KIU

KIU admission policy is based on the philosophy of “Open Admissions.” In its purest form, it allows any student with a high school diploma or certificates or its equivalence, bachelors and master’s degree holders thereby, allowing any student who has successfully completed high school, bachelors and master’s degree the opportunity to pursue a KIU degree.

The reality isn’t quite so simple. Some students may not be guaranteed admission to KIU if there are more applicants than available space for new students. In such cases, admission will be based on their high school grades and on a first-come-first-serve basis. In the US, the open admissions movement began in the second half of the 20th century and had many ties to the civil rights movement. A significant number of universities operate on this philosophy.

To counter the critics who argue that this might lower educational standards, KIU provides tutoring services to its students. In addition, we have General Education requirements, which provide a solid general background in the arts, sciences, health, business, engineering and technology fields before the student can begin taking core courses. In order to take certain programs, students are required to score at a certain level in specific courses. For instance, students interested in taking engineering courses must have a grade of C or above in every science course. Likewise, students taking business courses are expected to have grade C or above in the social science courses like Economics, Psychology, Introduction to Business & Entrepreneurship etc. Students must also earn a C or above in their entire Major courses.

The Admissions Office is available to assist prospective students with the process of submitting an application for admission. Individuals interested in information about KIU, its programs, and the application process are invited to contact the Admissions Office. KIU reserves the right to limit enrollment in any of its programs, and requirements may vary from program to program.