Undergraduate program requires a total of one-hundred and eighty (180) credit units. One semester unit is equivalent to forty five to sixty (45-60) lecture hours per course following criteria must be met before enrolment:

Admission Requirements.

  • 1. Proof of English Language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, AEP, TWE etc.)
  • 2. Signed motivation letter written by the applicant stating your reasons for choosing the program of study.
  • 3. Scanned copy of high school certificates
  • 4. Scanned copy of international passport or ID card
  • 5. Two reference letters (one academic and one professional) mailed directly to the school (admissions@kesmondsuniversity.org)
  • 6. Scanned passport photograph (4x) on a white background.
  • 7. Application fees $50 USD paid directly to the university’s account found on the website click here or paid via the online portal.

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