The cost of attendance budget, also referred to as the cost of education, is an estimate of the total amount of money it will cost a student to attend school per academic year. The cost of attendance budget may include tuition and fees, books and supplies, loan fees, an allowance for food, housing and transportation, as well as miscellaneous or personal expenses. It may also include extraneous costs not directly related to the completion of a student’s course of study, such as car payments and cell phone bills. The cost of attendance budget varies, depending on the program of study and the length of enrollment. The table below shows a listing of estimated tuition per academic year for full-time KIU students who attend fall, spring, and summer semesters.  


Degree Program Tuition Per Credit Tuition Per Year Length of Studies
Doctorate $90 $2,250 3 years
Master $50 $1,500 9 - 18 Months
Bachelor $20 $8,00 3 - 4 Years
Diploma $15 $375 3 - 6 Months
Certificate $10 $150 4 - 12 Weeks


Fee Type Amount When Due Comments
Application Fee $50, $90 & $150 Applying for Admission Non-refundable
Mail Service (DHL) $100 Annually Optional
Student Services Fee $20 Annually ID Card, Insurance etc.
Book Fees $40 Annually Non-refundable
Transcript Fee $10 Whenever Requested Free Copy at Graduation
Research Fee $92 / $184 / $276 End of Program Bachelor / Masters / PhD Rates
Graduation Fee $100 End of Program Includes invitation, Robes etc.