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Online education has never been so easy. KIU America makes it easy accessible and available to all class of persons irrespective of your financial, social, cultural, and religious background.

You can enroll in a school of your choice on campus and online without any difficulties. All you have to do is simply fill out the online enrollment application, or download application form and select your method of payment, and within a few minutes of submitting your enrollment form you'll receive an email containing your student ID that gives you an instant access to your personal E-Campus login Student Portal. You may also enroll by phone, just give us a call at +1 (302) 498-8338 and talk to one of our admissions advisers.

When you apply at KIU America, certain steps are necessary to enroll for an online college degree or undergraduate certificate program including the following
  • We will need to verify that you are a high school graduate, for Bachelor’s Degrees, a Bachelor’s Graduate for Masters Degrees and a Masters Graduate for Doctorate Degrees
  • For credit transfer of previously completed courses, we will evaluate your transcripts

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The KIU AMERICA E-CAMPUS allows those with time or lifestyle constraints to further their education without having to attend classes at physical campus locations. The University's E-CAMPUS allows you to schedule your education around YOU. Courses at KIU AMERICA’s E-CAMPUS are available 24 hours a day. This is a unique opportunity for persons of all works of life to earn an accredited degree without seating in a classroom. KIU AMERICA’s E-CAMPUS provides online records whereby students can view their admission records, financial records, academic records i.e. courses enrolled, grades achieved, and tract their results


University's E-CAMPUS provides online forums whereby students will have an opportunity to view previous threaded discussions, post new questions, share information, ideas and questions for a particular program or course.


University's E-CAMPUS provides online learning resources that will allow students to access and download study materials, study guides, course outline, assignments, tests, projects and other learning materials that has been provided by the course tutors and course managers.


University's E-CAMPUS provides an online chat room that allows group discussion, where the course tutors, managers and students will be able to share ideas and information.


University's E-CAMPUS provides online library which allows students to access information on the web by providing reference links relevant to their course.


University's E-CAMPUS provides online facility for course tutors and managers to create online examinations for students. Students will be allowed to take the online examination ONLY ONCE for each course and can be issued an opportunity to resit a course.

KIU Network

KIU America understands the need to equip students with outstanding knowledge and competence to meetup with the developing professional needs in today's demanding knowledge economy. As the opportunities and challenges are global, KIU has made a series of initiatives to help students update themselves on the industry trends and best practices across the globe in their respective disciplines of choice


University's E-CAMPUS provides up-to-date news and information about events organized by the university.

There are two types of learning interactivities that is available on KIU AMERICA’s E-Campus

  • Interaction with content that comprising of study guides, lecture notes, reference books, video/audio lectures and other relevant study materials.
  • Interpersonal Interaction includes both instructor-student and student-student communication without regard to time and place.

Students using the University's E-CAMPUS will also be able to view and access the following information online:

  • Personal records including program enrolled, home address, contact phone number, number of credit hour required for completion of the program, a list of courses required, and list of courses that are exempted
  • Paramount E-Campus offers over 23,000 online e-book for student reference
  • Financial records including total tuition fee, tuition fee paid and balance of tuition fee.
  • Academic records including course grades, credits earned, grade point average and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).


This is a virtual platform that provides an opportunity for students to listen to and interact with prominent scientists, scholars, engineers, industrialists, and students from across the world. E-conferences help students to gain insights on current research and trending topics in their subjects of choice. KIU strives to bring subject experts, scholars and others from all over the world to participate in E-Conferences (without physically needing to be there) for the benefit of the student community.


To provide instant access to loads of research information, KIU America has initiated E-Journal of Research & Technology which is aimed at:

  • Assisting students and lecturers to publish their research articles in various Journals.
  • Indexing International Journals
  • Publish journals related to various fields
  • Encourage research through research grants to students and partner institutions