African Youth Education Program (AYEP) Session 1 Results

The African Youth Education Program AYEP 2018 session one is a project of Kesmonds International University in collaboration with the African University Directory AUD aimed to promote entrepreneurial professional education through free tuition scholarships for African students within the next 10 years. This project aims at training and financing individual selected participant’s projects for a business startup and providing scholarship for higher education degrees. Below is the list of successful participants who completed the intensive 90 days online training and passed the required credits score 50 and above on 100 through the Kesmonds International University E. Learning System. Twelve of these participants’ projects were nominated for sponsorship. However if you have not been nominated we recommend you reapply for another session. Best projects were those focus on ICT, healthcare and agricultural innovations. Or contact our team for inquiries. click to download AYEP 2018 Results.

List of successful candidates:


No Code Name Course Reward
1 AYEP180036 Kengo Anjoh Anjoh Logistics & Supply Chain
2 AYEP180026 Collins Omondi Odindo Applied Statistics
3 AYEP180002 Tsafack Fogium Olive Dietary Management
4 AYEP180028 Collins Omondi Odindo Dietary Management Nominated
5 AYEP180015 Essel John Engineering Management Nominated
6 AYEP180011 Okanda Nora-Claire Mayen Ngo Management
7 AYEP180054 Adiga Vincent Dradria Ngo Management
8 AYEP180059 Emeka Judith Chike Community Development Nominated
9 AYEP180004 Ali Hassan Ahmed Community Development Nominated
10 AYEP180023 Fon Mah Petra Journalism & Mass Com
11 AYEP180055 Collins Omondi Odindo Journalism & Mass Com
12 AYEP180014 Matilda Agbortarh Besong Journalism & Mass Com
13 AYEP180051 Tim Merciful Ankongmbom Entertainment Marketing
14 AYEP180057 Mustapa Mohammed Public Administration Nominated
15 AYEP180027 Ndimbara Erica Nchotu Public Health
16 AYEP180019 Fonyuy Marie-Claire Vernyuy Public Health Nominated
17 AYEP180022 Ebot Enow Ebot Public Health
18 AYEP180030 Ndanga Kene Evrard Kevin Public Health
19 AYEP180039 Nsai Ethel Sevidzem Public Health
20 AYEP180038 Emade Nkwelle Chantal Public Health
21 AYEP180021 Terence Nganya Okanda Public Health
22 AYEP180018 Fruawa Solange Public Health
23 AYEP180009 Mbietie Noumegni Borice Zita Public Health
24 AYEP180008 Benmond Mwasoh Akah Nguty Environmental Protection
25 AYEP180037 Chandiga Alex Project Management Nominated
26 AYEP180043 Mah Charelene Tambe Project Management Nominated
27 AYEP180043 Dongmo Kana Valery Verges Project Management
28 AYEP180046 Angolere Hellen Conflict Management
29 AYEP180005 Constantine Banboye Human Resource Management
30 AYEP180017 Ojom Michael Ewon Human Resource Management
31 AYEP180013 Shanon Ashley Nkeh Emambo Entrepreneurship Nominated
32 AYEP180052 Boma Miranda Mah Events Planning
33 AYEP180024 Apiku Saviour Poultry Production Nominated
34 AYEP180006 Sandra Kimani Telecommunications Nominated
35 AYEP180029 Shanon Ashley Nkeh Emambo Telecommunications Nominated



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