Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management Technology


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Course Overview

The program offers an opportunity for students to obtain skills and competencies that are highly relevant and driven by the accelerating development of new technologies in the emerging global economy at the intersection of engineering invention and business administration. The program’s objective is to prepare students to become leaders in the corporate world shaped by innovations in engineering. Students learn fundamentals of science, engineering management and business administration by concentrating on the development of critical thinking skills directed toward practical problem solving and informed decision making. Students have several possibilities to specialize in engineering disciplines. Specializations include: civil engineering, architectural engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and other disciplines. Download Course Catalog.

Program Structure:

Course Code First Semester Courses Credit
EMT 101 Communication Skills 5
EMT 102 Technical Communication 5
EMT 103 Engineering Graphics 5
EMT 104 Introduction to Manufacturing 5
EMT 105 Computer Networks 5
EMT 106 Machine Learning 5
Course Code Second Semester Courses Credits
EMT 111 General Chemistry 5
EMT 112 Calculus 5
EMT 113 General Physics 5
EMT 114 Computer Programming 5
EMT 115 Engineering Statistics 5
EMT 116 Advanced Embedded Systems 5
Course Code Third Semester Courses Credit
EMT 201 Principles of Microeconomics 5
EMT 202 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design 5
EMT 203 Applied Electricity/Electronics 5
EMT 204 Statistics and Strength of Materials 5
EMT 205 Material Science 5
EMT 206 Digital Signals Processing 5
Course Code Fourth Semester Courses Credit
EMT 211 Engineering Asset Management 5
EMT 212 Environmental System Engineering 5
EMT 213 Engineering Theory and Practice 5
EMT 214 Work Analysis and Design 5
EMT 215 Photonics 5
EMT 216 Engineering Cost Analysis 5
Course Code Fifth Semester Courses Credit
EMT 301 Systems Decision Making 5
EMT 302 Operations Planning and Control 5
EMT 303 Quality Assurance and Control 5
EMT 304 Human Resource Management 5
EMT 305 Supervision of Industrial Operations 5
EMT 306 Industrial Systems Management 5
Course Code Sixth Semester Courses Credit
EMT 311 Electronic Circuits 5
EMT 312 Engineering Thermodynamics 5
EMT 313 Plant Layout and Material Handling 5
EMT 314 Cultures and Civilizations 5
EMT 315 Bachelor Thesis 10


Career Opportunities

Upon completion, you will be prepared for a number of entry-level and technician positions related to electronics and electrical engineering. Or choose to continue your education by pursuing a Masters of Science in Engineering Management.


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