Bachelor of Law (LLB)


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Course Overview

Students enrolled in degree programs in legal studies learn how to conduct legal research, provide assistance to licensed attorneys, prepare basic legal documents, write legal correspondence and organize legal assignments. They also study the basic concepts of law, civil litigation and legal procedures. Applicants must have a high school diploma. They must also have a keen interest in research and be strong writers with great attention to detail. These programs include general education courses in addition to legal studies courses. Download Course Catalog.

Program Structure:

Course Code First Semester Courses Credit
LLB 101 Communication Skills 5
LLB 102 Private International Law 5
LLB 103 Roman Law 5
LLB 104 Constitution and Source of Law System 5
LLB 105 Theory of Law and Sociology of Law 5
LLB 106 Trade Union Law 5
Course Code Second Semester Courses Credits
LLB 111 Maritime and Air Law 5
LLB 112 Historical Foundations of the Legal System 5
LLB 113 Introduction to Civil Law 5
LLB 114 Principles of Economy 5
LLB 115 Corporate and Stock Market Law 5
LLB 116 Logic and Legal Argumentation 5
Course Code Third Semester Courses Credit
LLB 201 Constitutional Organization of Government 5
LLB 202 Tax Application Procedures 5
LLB 203 Uniform International Trade Law 5
LLB 204 Public International Law 5
LLB 205 Bankruptcy Law 5
LLB 206 Labor Rights 5
Course Code Fourth Semester Courses Credit
LLB 211 European Union Law 5
LLB 212 Family and Succession Law 5
LLB 213 Law of Obligations and Casualty Law 5
LLB 214 Civil Servant Offenses 5
LLB 215 Public Spending and Resources Funding 5
LLB 216 Public Liberties and Constitutional Rights 5
Course Code Fifth Semester Courses Credit
LLB 301 Public Law 5
LLB 302 Elements of Contract Law 5
LLB 303 Law of Property 5
LLB 304 Criminal Law 5
LLB 305 Law of the European  Union 5
LLB 306 Administrative Law 5
Course Code Sixth Semester Courses Credit
LLB 311 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory 5
LLB 312 Commercial and Consumer Law 5
LLB 313 Law, Justice and Ethics 5
LLB 314 Company Law 5
LLB 315 Bachelor Thesis 10


Career Opportunities

A law degree is a gateway to a career as a solicitor or barrister, but it is not the only path you can choose; there are many options beyond the legal profession that are available to you.

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

  • Barrister
  • Barrister’s clerk
  • Chartered legal executive (England and Wales)
  • Company secretary
  • Detective
  • Licensed conveyancer
  • Paralegal
  • Solicitor
  • Solicitor, Scotland
  • Advice worker
  • Chartered accountant
  • Civil Service administrator
  • Data analyst
  • Human resources officer
  • Patent attorney


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